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Our Strength training programs concentrate on the Powerlifting and Olympic style weightlifting techniques—such as the squat, bench, deadlift, snatch, clean, and jerk—needed in order for our athletes to develop more power and explosiveness to succeed in the weight room. To make sure this happens at Sports Reality, every athlete is coached throughout a program. In doing so, our staff promotes good practices and safety for the athlete lifting and for all who are in the weight room. To maximize the effectiveness of our Strength program for athletes training at Sports Reality, we have created a five-tiered strength system which allows athletes to advance to the next tier only when they’ve passed specific benchmark standards. This tiered system helps the Sports Reality staff manage and organize our athletes’ progress in addition to different levels of athletes when there are multiple people training at one time. Our Strength classes are held in the afternoons Monday-Friday, but we also offer 1-on-1, small group, and large group training sessions that are scheduled based on our coaches’ availability as well as yours. Whether it’s the in-season or the off-season, if you are interested in or have any questions about Sports Reality’s Strength programs, please let us know!

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