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Sports Reality assumes no liability associated with the batting/ practice cage- use is at participant’s own risk and requires compliance with all Sports Reality facility, field and cage rules.

Batting Cage


  1. Facility and cage liability waivers must be signed by participants and where necessary their guardians/ parents prior to use.
  2. Participants must wear adequate protective gear appropriate for their sport including batting helmets for baseball or softball.
  3. Pitchers must always use a protective pitching screen for safety.
  4. For baseball or softball, only 1 pitcher and 1 hitter at a time are allowed in the cage- all other individuals must remain 10 feet back from the cage netting.
  5. For sports besides baseball or softball, use of the cage and protective measures must be approved in advance by Sports Reality staff.
  6. Coaches with athletes using the cage must supervise other athletes under their direction that are elsewhere in the facility.
  7. Batting practice/ swinging of bats must only take place in the cage.
  8. Balls should be picked up and returned to the pitcher after each batter.

Not Allowed

  1. Footwear not in compliance with Sports Reality field rules.
  2. Cleaning of footwear inside the cage.
  3. Batting practice outside the cage.
  4. Use of cage by anyone under the influence of medication, drugs, or alcohol

Batting Cage

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