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Build power and explosiveness with our Max Effort strength training

Are you a High School Looking to get stronger and increase your performance on the field or court? Max Effort strength training is specifically designed to maximize the level of performance in each athlete through a coaching philosophy that incorporates multi joint movements designed to maximize strength and power. Our programs are designed for the athlete so they can achieve their individual goals in their respective sport. Are you ready to change your Potential into Reality?

Max Effort 1.0
This program is once a week and is ideal for high school athletes who are interested in adding an additional strength session to their current school or club team skills program to reinforce correct lifting form and techniques while improving overall strength.

Max Effort 2.0
This program is twice a week and is ideal for athletes who are interested in a moderate level of strength training and for athletes looking to peak prior to their season.

Max Effort 3.0
This program is three times a week and is a perfect solution for an off season or summer program to maximize strength performance.

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Max Effort Strength

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