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"Sports Reality has the best facility in the Richmond area--hands down. It has absolutely everything you could need for performance training. It is my one-stop shop for speed, strength, and position training. The staff care a great deal about their clients and consistently push them to new heights. Athletes in the Richmond area need to look no further than Sports Reality to reach their goals."

~ Sam Rogers

"I really wish we had known about this place two years ago. The gains that my 16 year old son has made in just 5 weeks are incredible. Everyone on staff are very professional yet approachable. Their interest in the student athlete is genuine and sincere. I can't say enough good things about SR. You will not be disappointed."

~ T. Porter

"If you want to improve in any sport, Sports Reality is the place to go. From their excellent pro level coaches to their massive facility, they have everything needed to fill your performance training needs. While at Sports Reality you will have very personal training of exceptional quality. They have two main programs, lifting and running. Within those two programs there are many different variations to fit the goals that you want to meet, such as max effort for lifting and overspeed for running. I go to Sports Reality many days after school. They have helped me improve tremendously physically and mentally. I have gone for two years. From the time that I started to now I have gained over 40 pounds, tripled my strength in the weight room and I have added 5 inches to my vertical. Also, I have learned many important life lessons during these workouts. I have learned to never quit and to push harder to achieve my goals. I recommend Sports Reality to anyone who wants to meet their fitness goals and push beyond them. There is no place equipped better to fit your training needs."

~ Samuel P.

"I play football and lacrosse and started working out at Sports Reality last November. Coach closely monitored everything I did, ensuring I was on-time, used correct form, and tailored my workouts to what I needed to get faster and stronger. I had a great lax season this spring and summer at the HS and club level. I received D1 and D3 offers for lacrosse and have chosen Christopher Newport University for my academic degree and to continue playing lacrosse. I definitely credit the Sports Reality workouts and special emphasis from Coach for my success."

~ Will S.

"I'm a college student athlete, and I started my weekly program session with Sports Reality over my summer break. Within the three month training period, I was trained by coaches who pushed and encouraged me to strengthen my abilities. I learned the type of food I needed to be eating and the amount of sleep I needed in order to provide nourishment for my body. Just within these three months, I gained 10 pounds of muscle mass. The difference before I started working out at Sports Reality is significantly distinct to how much stronger and faster I am now. The program is definitely not easy, but if you want to become a better, stronger, faster athlete to compete at top levels then I highly recommend Sports Reality Performance."

~ Annamarie W.

"My middle school aged son has been working out at Sports Reality shortly after it opened. The results have been incredible. Individualized workouts, continued motivation, has helped my son reach his full potential in his athletic goals. Professional and personable staff - clean, state of the art facility makes this place the best option for weight training and/or speed and agility training. The coaches have been a game changer for my son!"

~ Beth R.

"Sports Reality is a great facility to work out in. The coaches motivate me to try as hard as I can to get better. In overspeed we run drills among other things to improve our speed and agility. Since I have gone to Sports Reality I have seen a significant increase in my speed. I would recommend Sports Reality to anyone who wants to work hard and get better."

~ Rhett P.

"Sports Reality is a first class facility that specializes in building athletic skills at all levels. The coaches understand how to effectively communicate with athletes at all ages, motivate, and make it fun. The focus begins with form. The results are obvious. My guys love it. I highly recommend this program."

~ Chad P.

"The coaches have helped 3 of my student athletes stay competitive in their given sports. We saw the growth in their abilities in a matter of a month. As a mom, it's nice that they also learned proper weight lifting form and techniques which have helped prevent injuries on and off the field."

~ Darlene M.

"My experience here has been great at Sports Reality. I have been going here for a year now and I have gotten so much faster and so much stronger. Both coaches both motivate me to be my best and reach my max potential. I specifically work with Coach Kim and he has been a miracle worker. I started off at Sports Reality barely lifting anything and only weighing 100 pounds. Now in just over a year I am squatting and benching more than most people at my age and I weigh 140 pounds. I was very skeptical coming into this place at first because there is a myth that you can stunt your growth by weightlifting, but that is not true. I have gotten stronger and faster here at Sports Reality. The last thing I want to touch on is how great overspeed is, they teach you the perfect way to run. I have personally cut down my forty time by almost a second in just one year! I highly recommend Sports Reality to any athlete willing to put in work to reach there max potential in strength and speed."

~ Jack T.

"Our 11-year-old son has shown tremendous growth in his abilities within a month and we can't wait to see where he will be in at least 6 months! Coach Kim is awesome with my son and motivates him to do his best. My son says that Coach Kim always gives good feedback and explains things really well in a way that he can understand and apply. My son LOVES coming and has met other athletes of all ages, in various sports (including a recent college recruit!!). He looks forward to going and talks about the motivational aspects of the training (they are given quotations to explain and apply) as well as the nutritional education (complete protein versus incomplete protein). As a mom, I am super excited to see my son asking for more protein in his diet and also reading labels!! My son has taken ownership of his training fully and is required to set his own goals related to his training. I highly recommend this entire facility!!!"

~ Beth W.

"Saw such a great improvement in a month with my middle school football player. Now my soccer player and wrestler are going. The staff is very knowledgeable and engaged in the well-being of our athletes. [The coaches and the entire staff are like family."

~ Darlene C.

"State of the art facility and trainers! This is serious training for your athlete at any level!"

~ Michael K.

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