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WNPF Finalists(April 25, 2018) This past Saturday Sports Reality® hosted the 2018 World National Powerlifting Federation’s Virginia Ironman. The World National Powerlifting Federation—also known as the WNPF—is a powerlifting entity that subscribes to drug-free powerlifting. The competition was a push-pull event focused on the bench press and deadlift and had over ten separate weight class divisions with competitors coming as far away as New Jersey and ranging between the ages of twelve to fifty-plus years. But while there were people competing from more places than Virginia, the Sports Reality staff were excited because, along with the other competitors, a few of our athletes had signed up to compete in the event. Layne F., Rhett P., Josh L., Zander C., Parker C., and former Sports Reality® athlete Reggie M. all competed in the event and successfully attempted new personal records—there were a few who even set multiple consecutive personal records. Layne, Josh, and Zander each won their division in both bench press and deadlift. Aside from the Sports Reality® athletes, there were other local athletes from Mike’s Olympic Gym who competed, as well. Nick H., Zach H., and Michael C. came out along with their coach, Mike C., and all three worked hard to compete. Each placed in the event and one won his division in both the bench and deadlift. Overall, both the Mike’s Gym and the Sports Reality® crews did a phenomenal job competing in this event. Perhaps one of the most impressive elements of the Ironman was Mark W. of New Jersey. Mark had signed up for both the bench press and deadlift and both of his starting numbers were remarkable considering that Mark’s in his mid-50s. By the time the competition had reached the third and final attempts of the bench press, Mark was attempting 355 lbs. and did so with ease—winning his weight class.

Although this was the first-ever official powerlifting competition at Sports Reality®, the event was a total success. Engineered by Josh Bush (Director of Sports Performance at Sports Reality®) who was assisted by the Sports Reality® staff, the 2018 WNPF Virginia Ironman turned out to be a model event that Sports Reality® will consider for future events and powerlifting competitions. It brought new faces to our facility and a friendly, competitive atmosphere that ended up being more about the competitors rooting for one another to get to that next weight than each competitor working only for himself. If you are interested in competing in the next powerlifting competition here at Sports Reality or simply want to get stronger, contact Sports Reality® today by calling 804.730.6420 or by visiting our website

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