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by Jeff Appel

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the Transformers movies, well we have a few Transformers at Sports Reality. We have an athlete that we train named Kyle Hogan and he’s a baseball player at Lee Davis High School that has made a complete transformation of his body and ability in one year.

He started training at Sports Reality in June of 2015 and was just finishing his freshman year or high school. We did a full evaluation consisting of testing him in the 20, 40, 5-10-5, vertical, squat, press, recorded his body weight, and he didn’t feel comfortable with power cleaning so we held off. He weighed (108 lbs), squatted (145), pressed (90), vertical (19.5”), ran a (5.6) 40, and 5-10-5 was (5.26).

By the end of the summer in just 2 months’ time he had gained (16 lbs) and was running faster, jumping higher, and was obviously much stronger. In less than 9 months he had gained just over (40 lbs) and is now squatting over (100 lbs) more, pressing over (75 lbs) more, vertical is over (6”) higher, running much faster, and his 5-10-5 is over (.3s) faster than he was and at more than 50% heavier body weight (50+lbs) heavier. So not only is he much stronger, more powerful, faster, but his confidence is that much greater because he’s accomplished goals that he probably wasn’t sure he’d obtain anytime soon let alone in the time frame that he did accomplish them. (Important to note Force = Mass x Acceleration.)

There’s no secret to his success, he put faith and trust in Sports Reality. He trusted the process and the science behind his workouts. He put in a whole lot of hard work, ate a whole lot of food on a consistent basis, received a lot of coaching, and made the necessary sacrifices along the way.

Trust the process and trust Sports Reality because we make your dreams a reality!


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