Sports Reality

In the sports performance training world, too often there’s too broad of a focus when training athletes, and too often strength, which is the most important attribute, gets lost in the mix. A quote from this article, “Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus,” especially resonated with me. If your performance training focus becomes too broad, then the results will be broad.

Strength is the foundation for everything, and if it’s lacking, then everything else will follow suit. Another quote from this article, “It’s a basic fact that the stronger athlete is a better athlete regardless of sport. A stronger athlete is less prone to injury. A stronger athlete is able to apply greater force into the ground, enhancing speed, jumping ability and explosive strength,” is important to consider in regards to training. For an athlete to become more explosive to further increase jumping ability, then the athlete must gain maximal (absolute) strength to increase power output. If this isn’t increased, then it’s not possible to increase power.

Not having strength as your foundation to your sports performance program is a true mistake, so read this article and you can form your own opinion!


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