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Outrun the competition with our OverSpeed program

Speed is often a differentiator in High School sports. Take your game to next level with Sports Reality’s Overspeed program which designed to improve acceleration and deceleration through linear and multi-directional acceleration mechanics. Athletes will be coached on more advanced drills and movements that will increase acceleration, jumping ability, and change of direction.

OverSpeed 1.0
This program is once a week and is ideal for the athlete looking for weekly professional coaching to develop their linear and multi-unit directional mechanics during their competitive season, or as an additional program to reinforce an athlete’s school or club team practice schedule.

OverSpeed 2.0
This program is twice a week and is perfect for the athlete looking for additional weekly volume to further develop power, speed, and quickness using our OverSpeed Fundamentals.

OverSpeed 3.0
The OverSpeed 3.0 program is our premium speed and agility offering meeting 3 times per week for maximum volume training. This program is ideal for off season and summer training programs for the athlete looking for maximum speed and agility work

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High School OverSpeed 2

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