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Tier One

In the Tier One program each athlete will learn how to move their body properly and add a foundation of strength.  The athlete must pass ten tests to move onto Tier Two of training.  Each test is in place to ensure the athlete has proper mechanics and adequate strength to begin placing the body under a loaded bar with a heavier load.

Tier Two

In Tier Two our Sports Performance Staff will aim to improve athletes’ imbalances and weaknesses in addition to working to gain muscle mass or trim some unwanted pounds.  These goals will promote a healthy training career.  With Tier Two each athlete will learn Powerlifting movements (bench press, squat, and deadlift) as well as Olympic weightlifting movements (snatch, clean, and jerk) to prepare the athlete for Tier Three if the athlete wishes to progress.

Tier Three

While becoming stronger is a byproduct of all our programs, Tier Three is where growing stronger becomes the focus.  A stronger muscle produces more force and is more resistant to injury.  By building on an athlete’s familiarity with proper weightlifting movements taught in Tier Two, Tier Three’s goal is to build an athlete towards reaching high relative strength based on that individual’s body type.

Tier Four

Athletes who graduate to Tier Four are fluid with Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting movements and techniques while under a heavily-weighted bar and have gained enough strength to now begin working on not just moving significant weight but moving significant weight quickly.  In Tier Four the athlete will begin to use our Tendo Units to measure power output and bar speed.

Tier Five

Tier Five is for athletes who are professional or on their way to becoming a professional athlete.  This tier is centered around what the athlete needs to excel in addition to specialized exercises meant only for an experienced and knowledgeable athlete whose goal is to achieve optimal physical performance for their sport.  


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