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Channel 8 News: Workouts and Training Programs at Sports Reality

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Sports Reality Performance Training in Mechanicsville offers elite training for college, pro and community athletes alike.

The top program is a close-knit group under the direction of Sports Performance Director Kim Morris and former Hanover, Virginia Tech and NFL player Sam Rogers.

The top program is a close-knit group under the direction of Sports Performance Director Kim Morris and former Hanover, Virginia Tech and NFL player Sam Rogers.

“Each year we have between 8-12 guys that are training,” Morris said. “We try to keep that group small just so we can get better coaching for them. We will take them through an evaluation first, see where their strengths and weaknesses are and then develop a plan to get them going to play at the next level.”     Read more...

Coach Kimlonte Morris Promoted to Director of Sports Performance

Sports Reality Performance Training is proud to announce the promotion of Kimlonte Morris from Assistant to Director of Sports Performance.  In this position, Coach Kim will be responsible for the planning and implementation of Sports Reality’s performance training programs such as 1-on-1 training, small group, group, team, and collegiate training.  Kim is replacing the former Director, Jeff Appel, who is currently the Director of Sports Performance at Fork Union.

“I am very excited for Kim. I have worked with him on and off since our days at the University of Richmond, so I have seen him grow as a coach and a person. Coach Kim works well with his athletes, and he makes sure every athlete is moving in the right direction. As great of a coach that I know he is, what makes him a true asset is the kind of man he is. He is true to his word, and will always have his athlete’s best interests in mind!”

Morris stated the following upon learning of his promotion, “Firstly, I would like to give all honor and acknowledgement to God because this promotion is nothing short of a blessing and without my heavenly father I would not be in this position. Secondly, I would like to thank all of my mentors for their time, wisdom and continued encouragement throughout this journey.  I would also like to thank our owner Michael Fraizer and our General Manager Jeff Gonos for believing in my abilities.  I am honored and excited for this opportunity.  My goal was to become a Director/Head Performance Coach and through hard work, consistency, and perseverance I have reached that very goal.  Lastly, to all the parents and athletes that have stuck with me thus far, Thank You!  You all are a big reason that I can call myself the Director of Sports Performance,” stated Coach Kim.

Rhett Pierce, who has worked with Coach Kim for the past 5 years stated, “In the time that I have known Coach Kim he has not only impacted me by pushing me to meet my fitness goals but has also had a positive influence on me outside the weight room. He has pushed me to reach goals that I thought were impossible to achieve and supported me in many things throughout my time at Sports Reality. I cannot think of someone who is a better fit for this position.”

Eric Rankin, Atlee High School football player, had this to say after working with Coach Kim for the past 7 years, “Coach Kim has influenced me all throughout my middle school and high school career. I was the first athlete to work out at Sports Reality starting in 2014. When I signed up at Sports Reality, it changed my life. Coach Kim will always be the reason behind why I was prepared enough to play football at many levels. Right now, I am committed to play football for VMI and I will always look back to Coach when I think about who has helped me throughout this journey. He has never let me down when it has come to a workout, and he has been and always will push me to be the best player with the best effort out on the field.”


  • CSCS(Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) NSCA
  • USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach

Career Timeline:

  • Sports Reality, Director of Sports Performance (2021)
  • Sports Reality, Assistant Director of Sports Performance (2020-2021)
  • Sports Reality, Full Time Sports Performance Coach (2016-2020)
  • Sports Reality, Part Time Sports Performance Coach (2015-2016)
  • Intern-Sports Reality, University of Richmond(2015-2016)
  • Post Grad-APSU C/o 2014-Health and Human Performance-Sports and Wellness Leadership
  • Undergrad-ODU C/o 2013-Business Management
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