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EZDAY Training

When I would ask my High School strength coach what the workout was for the day, he would grin and say, “Don’t worry about it. Easy day.” Each workout was far from easy. No matter the difficulty, we encourage people to approach each workout with the mindset of overcoming the challenge set before them. The mission of EZDAY is to build a community of people who go beyond themselves to encourage others.


This program is designed for adults looking to push themselves mentally and physically. Clients will often be working with partners or working in teams. This setting allows people to push beyond what would be possible by themselves. EasyDay is accommodating to a variety of fitness levels. There is a combination of light resistance training and body weight exercises that will be completed through high intensity interval training.

Day: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (All year)
Time: 5am – 6am


This program is designed to be a warm up for the day. There is a heavy focus on mobility and core. PREGAME is great for two groups of people: 1) Those who get tight throughout the workday and need help to loosen up, and 2) Those who already come to EasyDay, or have another workout regimen, and need a recovery day. This workout consists of the following: foam rolling, core strengthening, light circuit training, and stretching.

Day: Tuesday and Thursday (All year)
Time: 5am – 6am


This program is designed for athletes who currently play or are aspiring to play college football. Next Level prepares athletes for the rigorous demands to be expected on the college level. Having played at Virginia Tech and for the LA Rams, Sam Rogers understands what to expect from high-level programs. Entering the program, athletes first go through an evaluation to determine areas that need extra attention. A training program is then individualized for each athlete. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday consist of a lift and speed/conditioning training. Tuesday and Thursday consist of field/position work and mobility training. In order to participate in Next Level, athletes must have already completed their senior season of high school football.

Grade: Rising College Freshman - Senior
Day: Monday – Friday (Jan – July)
Time: 430pm – 6pm

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