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CustomTrainingOur team and individual programs are based on our two foundation offerings:

Speed Training: Our Speed & Agility programs teach athletes the appropriate acceleration, deceleration, linear and multi-directional movements, and much more all while being coached through each repetition to ensure proper technique and maximize effectiveness.

Strength Training: Our Strength training programs concentrate on proper lifting techniques needed in order for our athletes to develop more power and explosiveness. Technique is an essential element of Sports Reality’s strength training programs because we use a combination of Olympic lifting and Power lifting. To ensure proper technique and safety at Sports Reality, every athlete is coached on every repetition.

Sports Reality Performance’s specific goal is to increase explosive strength, speed (acceleration mechanics), and agility (acceleration, deceleration, and reacceleration), and power development (hip rotary power). Athletes will be coached in the weight room to be more efficient at the power clean & snatch, squat, and bench press. On the field and track the athlete will be taught proper acceleration and deceleration mechanics (teaching proper body control and change of direction). In addition, prehab exercises are implemented for athletes to decrease potential for shoulder, knee, and ankle injuries.

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