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Performance training is how an athlete gets better concerning what sport or sports the athlete plays.  The key is to build strength, agility, and speed based around the athlete’s needs during competition as opposed to general training that doesn’t focus on a selected sport or sports.  By training in a way specific to what the athlete will need to excel, the athlete not only becomes better concerning the necessary mechanics of his sport, but he also grows in confidence.  These results combined create a better athlete physically and mentally.

But why is performance training necessary? 

Performance training is necessary for many reasons. It focuses an athlete on his or her specific sport.  It makes the athlete better for the intended sport.  It builds confidence.  But, as is becoming ever-more significant, as more people become involved in sports overall, there is more competition for those athletes participating to be the best, to make the team, to work harder than the other athletes, and to stand out.  In order for an athlete to stand apart from the rest, he can’t rely solely upon his God-given abilities; he must train differently and build on those abilities depending on what he plans to do with them.  For years the strong majority of athletes trained just about the same.  In training the same, athletes weren’t as focused in training on their specific sport, and, interestingly enough, many athletes still train this way.  What this does is make those athletes who are focused on performance training stand out from the crowd.  By more athletes beginning to go into performance training, those not in performance training begin to look average and stand out for their lack of ability as opposed to those who do performance training.  Overall, performance training is becoming more relevant.  More athletes are taking up performance training which is causing even more athletes to do the same.  Performance training is necessary because more athletes are training specifically for the sport(s) in which they compete.

So how does my athlete get there?  How can my athlete stand out?

This occurs by an athlete having the proper performance training resources in order to reach his or her full potential.  Here at Sports Reality®, we have worked to bring those necessary resources into one place.  Performance coaching, performance programs, the necessary facilities, and support are all found here under one roof.  Through our MaxEffort strength training classes run by Coach Bush and Overspeed speed and agility training classes run by Coach Kim, your athlete will begin to stand out more.   But what does this mean?  It means that Sports Reality® is where an athlete’s strength, speed, agility, position skills, and discipline are multiplied.  Combined, these variables create superior athleticism and confidence which in turn creates a better athlete and individual.  If you want performance training, you need Sports Reality®.


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