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With fall sports now underway, we sat down with Sports Reality’s Director of Sports Performance, Josh Bush, to ask him how athletes can prepare themselves this offseason.

Coach Josh Bush suggests three things that will get you ahead of the competition:

  1. Have a Plan:  If you don’t have a devised plan, then you are planning to fail.  Now is the time winter and spring athletes should be implementing a plan to prepare for their season.  A specific plan addressing your strengths, weaknesses, sport, age, and position.  Make sure the plan is goal oriented in order to measure consistent progress.  The offseason should be utilized to improve any weaknesses, deficiencies, and to continue to raise any strengths so you can become a better athlete and perform their sport at a higher level with more confidence.

  2. Focus on Strength and Speed Development:  If you focus on strength and speed, your overall athletic performance is going to improve. The stronger you get, the more powerful you become which allows you to generate more force down and back into the ground when accelerating, changing direction, and jumping.  These improvements will also improve your reaction time by allowing you to accelerate, deaccelerate, reaccelerate, and change direction.  These results will also significantly decrease your risk of injury.  Focus on strength and speed and you will be dramatically more athletic and explosive which will improve your game – no matter what sport.

  3. Be Consistent: If you look at successful athletes at the top of their sports, they have a plan and are very structured, disciplined in consistently executing that plan.  The difference between winning and losing is sometimes very small, so you need to put forth your best effort consistently.  When it’s game time you will have no regrets.

At Sports Reality Performance Training - "Sports Reality" – we are dedicated to building better athletes, better players and better teams across multiple sports. We understand that it takes a lot for an athlete or a team to excel - strength, speed, agility, and discipline along with the right facility and equipment. Under one roof in our amazing 50, 000 square foot indoor facility, we bring together the programs, coaching and support that athletes and teams deserve as they pursue their dreams.

Our offerings serve athletes from middle school through the professional levels and our programs are tailored for a range of developmental levels. We believe in serious training for aspiring athletes and teams that want to take their potential and turn it into their REALITY.

Call us today to get a FREE Performance evaluation and take your first step to winning your offseason!   (804) 730-6420.

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